Time Payment

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TimePayment Brings Speed and Efficiency to Equipment Financing

  • Company: TimePayment

  • Originations: $166MM

  • Years in business: 30+

  • Equipment Funded: $2.5B

  • Transaction Sizes: $500-1.5MM

  • Instant Approvals up to $15K

  • CREDIT FOCUS: A-D & Startups

TimePayment’s proprietary technology is at the heart of a faster and easier way to deliver financing. Founded on the thesis of an MIT PHD who sought to expand and accelerate credit-based financing to the underserved, their credit model has successfully endured the fiscal cycles of more than 30 years. The commitment to simplifying and delivering equipment financing is in their DNA. TimePayment has provided over $2.5 billion in funding and serves hundreds of thousands of businesses every year.

TimePayment funds a wide range of credits and company profiles. From startups to small businesses with historical credit challenges, to large companies with complex asset funding needs, helping a diverse array of businesses and credit backgrounds has always been a bedrock differentiator of this company.

TimePayment’s best-in-class vendor platform delivers instant approvals up to $15,000 and fully automated electronic documentation for transactions from $500 to $1,500,000. TimePayment is focused on combining disruptive innovation with a leading-edge technology platform to achieve faster funding to more businesses, thus enabling their vendors to increase sales and achieve superior outcomes.

Leveraging the power of fintech and bold new leadership, TimePayment’s strategic vision holds important promise for equipment buyers and sellers. The recent acquisitions of Kingswood Leasing and LeaseQ as well as continued investment in innovative technologies allows the company to reach new equipment sellers, grow industry specialties, and offer expanded capital solutions to mid-sized and larger companies across the country.

Jay Haverty, the recently appointed CEO of TimePayment, brings decades of experience leading transformational change with disruptive technologies and value propositions. “We have a great team of leaders and associates who share a passion for delivering industry-best equipment financing solutions for manufacturers, dealers, and end-user customers,” Haverty said. “Combining that passion with a commitment to bring a powerful new, technology-driven financing experience to those customers is what will drive us in the years ahead.”

The equipment finance industry is ready for a revolution. TimePayment’s position as a perennial innovator has the company well poised to lead the industry forward.